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Built for brands and marketing teams to amplify their voice through live events and experiences. Access sponsorship opportunities that match your values, budget, and target audience. Efficiently manage and measure sponsorship activations and ROI in one place.

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A robust set of features for sponsorship managment

Leverage AI powered discovery to find the right partners

Match with vetted property owners based on your goals across a variety of key metrics such as topic, attendee demographics, location, activation types, pricing, reach, dates and more.

Organize and track sponsorships in one place

Share a workspace with your property partners to to manage all sponsorship requirements, timelines and activations.

Streamline how you measure success

ROI is notoriously difficult to measure when it comes to sponsorships, but using our analytics, reports, and assessments you can get a detailed overview on your sponsorship success metrics.


More features to power-up your marketing campains

Growth - Saasplex X Webflow Template

Realtime analytics

Track how attendees are engaging with your sponsored digital triggers such as links, QR codes, coupons, polls, hashtags, loyalty programs, and more.

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Attendee profiles

Get intelligent reports about attendees that engage with sponsored content in order to better craft future marketing campaigns.

Auto Reports - Saasplex X Webflow Template

Automated reports

Share sponsorship analytics with internal stakeholders to build the business case for omni channel investment.

Funnel Optimization- Saasplex X Webflow Template

Activation optimization

Get metrics on your most successful activations and optimize your sponsorship campaigns.

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