Data-Driven Sponsorship Strategies

Key strategies to keep in mind for a data driven approach to sponsorship

Data-Driven Sponsorship Strategies

Data-Driven Sponsorship Strategies

Lumency recently published their Global Sponsorship Trends of 2024. If you haven’t read it, definitely do, as they’ve done a great job highlighting some important topics in the industry. In this article, we’ll focus on procurement, the primacy of data, and the importance of sponsorship for B2B brands.

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1. Procurement

Whether you have a dedicated team to do sponsorship procurement or you work within a marketing team to identify the best partners, you know that it can be a challenge. It’s not just about making financial decisions, but about selecting opportunities that align with your brand values and goals. Finding the right partners is key to achieving long-term objectives. What does your sponsorship procurement look like? Tell us here.

2. Audience Metrics

How are you using data to make sure that your sponsorship campaigns are a success? Are you able to understand your audience behavior and preferences and tailor your sponsorship efforts towards meaningful engagements and activations? How are you tracking the way that audiences interact with you and your brand? Are you tracking  the success of your sponsorship portfolio in order to optimise future partnerships and inform your other marketing campaigns?

3. Objective-Focused ROI Measurement

ROI in sponsorship is often difficult to measure, but actually it might be. time to rethink how you're measuring it! Focus on how your sponsorship campaigns help to achieve specific marketing and business objectives using brand tracking, lead  tracking, and stakeholder feedback for a comprehensive assessment.  The focus should be on how it helps in achieving specific marketing and business objectives, using brand tracking and stakeholder feedback for a comprehensive assessment.


Consider how you can integrate sponsorship more tightly into your marketing efforts through a data driven approach to procurement, audience metrics, and ROI measurement.

The Power of

We’re building a powerful tool for brands navigating the complex world of sponsorships, focusing on event sponsorship as a unique place to connect with audiences. If you, like many other marketing teams, are facing challenges around procurement and data-driven campaigns, our platform offers:

  • Authentic Automated Matching: Uses sophisticated algorithms to match brands with sponsorship opportunities that align with their values and resonate with their target audience.
  • Efficiency and Precision: We help you track and measure the success of your sponsorship portfolio so you can make the best decisions going forward and level up your marketing efforts.
  • Objective-Focused ROI Measurement: Pool a variety of data points including audience interactions, brand loyalty, and partnership assessments.

In a landscape where authentic connection and strategic alignment are key, is not just a tool but a strategic partner for brands looking to maximize their sponsorship potential.